Pet Orthopedics in American Fork, UT

Utah Veterinary Hospital Offers Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic problems can occur in both young and older animals. These issues may be a result of congenital problems, accidents or simple aging. Orthopedic care and surgery for animals has advanced significantly in recent years and can help a variety of problems. At Utah Veterinary Hospital in American Fork, UT, we offer orthopedic surgery to help keep your pet mobile and happy.

Understanding Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedics is the medical specialty that focuses on the disorders of the joints, bones and spine. Like people, animals can develop problems with their bones, and a variety of treatments are available to help them. Surgery is often needed to repair injuries or dysfunction in the muscles, tendons and joints that affect movement. In addition, surgery is sometimes needed to repair bones after accidents.

Screening Orthopedic Problems

When your pet goes in for an exam, the vet will palpate the animal’s body for any unusual growths or deformities in the bones or spine. The vet will also look at the animal’s gait and ask questions about activity level and any problems with movement. These measures will help to detect joint problems, spinal abnormalities or unusual health problems that affect your pet’s movement.

Common Orthopedic Issues in Pets

Veterinarians often treat fractures from accidents or getting hit by a car. Some of these injuries may require surgery and the insertion of pins or plates to stabilize bones. Some small breeds of dog have problems with patella luxation that causes them to limp. Surgery to stabilize the patella can resolve the problem. Large breeds of dogs may develop hip dysplasia that may require repair of bones or hip replacement surgery. Tumors on the bones can also occur. Although genetic problems are less common in cats, they may sustain fractures from accidents, sprains of muscles or tumors of the bones.

Post-Surgery Care From Your American Fork Veterinarian

Your veterinarian will provide detailed instructions after orthopedic surgery for wound care, activity restriction, feeding and preventing your pet from disturbing the incision. Follow-up visits will monitor progress of the healing and are important to ensure a good recovery. Your vet will also provide physical therapy to help your pet regain full function after surgery.

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