Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke in American Fork, UT

Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke With Utah Veterinary Hospital In American Fork, UT

Your dog’s fur is great insulation, but it doesn’t do her any good in the summer heat. Unlike human beings, dogs don’t have any sweat glands, so the only way they can regulate their body heat is by panting. At Utah Veterinary Hospital, we want to alert all of our pet owners to the real danger of pet heatstroke during these hot summer months. Your pet can get dehydrated and become ill very quickly, so it’s crucial for you to take extra care to make sure she’s staying cool and getting enough to drink.

How Does Pet Heatstroke Happen?

Pet heatstroke can happen any time an animal isn’t getting enough water during hot weather, but it’s most commonly caused by pet owners being careless and thoughtless. We see devastated pet owners every year who feel guilty because their pet was put in danger by them not taking some simple precautions. If you wouldn’t leave a small child in an environment, we strongly advise you not to leave your pet there, either. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Pets left in cars, even for just a few minutes. The interior of a car can heat up to dangerous levels in as little as five minutes on some summer days. If you’re not able to bring your pet with you wherever you’re going, leave him home in the air-conditioned house
  • Yards with little to no shade. Set up some sort of shady area where your pet can hang out if she’s going to spend any amount of time out in the yard
  • Not enough water. Provide multiple bowls of fresh water, both indoors and out. Change the water at least twice a day, and consider putting some ice cubes in the bowl when you fill it

How to Tell if Your Pet is in Trouble

All dogs pant during hot summer weather, but watch out for excessive panting, listlessness, vomiting, whining, or other signs your pet is in distress. If you see any of these signs, take action right away. Put your pet into a bathtub and run cool (not cold) water all over his head and body. Plug the tub so it fills with the cool water, but keep his head elevated so he can breathe. If you can’t get your pet to the tub, use a wading pool or a hose to soak his body. Allow your pet to drink as much cool water as he wants, then transport him to our office for further treatment.

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