Laser Therapy in American Fork, UT

Offering Class IV Cold Laser Therapy

Class IV Cold Laser Therapy Testimonials:

“I have two senior pitbulls, Missy and Jasmine, who suffer from chronic arthritis. They have both tried multiple different pain medications, with little to no effect. After a few weeks it was recommended that they try laser therapy. What a difference it has made for them! After just a few sessions, in conjunction with their prescribed pain medications, we noticed a huge difference in their comfort levels. They were getting up easier and seemed less stiff when walking. The best part is that they enjoy the laser sessions! They relax and stretch out throughout the whole thing. We are grateful to have found this non-invasive, non-painful option to help, without using more medications that could do damage when given for long terms. Thanks UVH!” – Tiffany N.

“I have a 2 year old Rough Collie English Shepherd, Kate. She injured her right hock while playing during the summer. After it healed, she started limping again, so we used laser therapy. I noticed the swelling had gone down and she started holding her leg more normally. She is now chasing all of the chickens and playing just like she did before the injury. Thank you!” – Ameliah B.

“My dog, Lucky, had laser treatment to help with her arthritis. She loved the treatment and was so relaxed the entire time. I feel she benefited so much from the laser treatment. I will definitely be doing it again with other dogs.” – Taylor M.