Digital Ultrasound in American Fork, UT

Digital Ultrasound Services with our American Fork Veterinarian

Even with all we currently know about pet health issues and animal anatomy, nothing beats being able to see inside your pet’s body to get a clear understanding of what’s happening in there. Modern imaging technologies can make a tremendous difference in our ability to evaluate and treat your pet. Here at Utah Veterinary Hospital in American Fork, we go a step further by offering state-of-the-art digital ultrasound imaging for the ultimate in convenience, detail, clarity, and accuracy.

Please note that our staff doesn’t currently perform ultrasounds. We have a third party specialist that performs ultrasounds when scheduled.

Principles of Ultrasound Imaging

You’re probably familiar with the basic concepts behind X-ray imaging technology, in which X-rays either bounce off of tissue or pass through it to varying degrees. This technology can create photographic images of many internal components, and it’s especially effective at revealing problems in hard structures such as bones and teeth. Unfortunately, X-ray imaging has some limitations. It doesn’t do a very good job of imaging fluids, for instance, or showing all the gradations in the densities of soft tissues. It’s also limited to taking still shots instead of showing the body structures in motion.

Ultrasound operates on a different principle. This technique sends out sound waves which are either reflected back (when they strike hard objects) or partly absorbed (when they strike softer objects). The ultrasound technique can reveal a wide range of subtle details between tissues, helping us to tell them apart more accurately. It can even show the fluids inside the body. Better yet, the ultrasound can capture these images in real time, using a video monitor to show us motions such as blood flow, heartbeat, and the movements of your pregnant pet’s unborn litter of puppies or kittens.

Why We Offer Digital Ultrasound

Digital ultrasound is the most advanced development in ultrasound imaging technology — and we’re proud to make it available to American Fork pets. Digital imaging produces even greater clarity of detail and more subtle gradations in density. This allows us to discover what we need to know more quickly and effectively. Instead of sending its signals to analog video monitors and tape, digital ultrasound gives us razor-sharp digital video that we can store to disk, email to other vets, and share with you on a high-definition monitor. From evaluating your pet’s pregnancy to scanning for blood clots and internal organ abnormalities, this technology can greatly help us help your beloved pet.

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