Animal Radiography X Rays in American Fork, UT

Animal Radiography X Rays From Our American Fork Veterinarian

At Utah Veterinarian Hospital, our American Fork veterinarian considers your pet’s health and wellness a top priority. If your pet is showing symptoms of a medical issue or simply isn’t acting like him or herself, it may be time to bring your pet in for an evaluation and some diagnostic testing. We can perform a wide range of diagnostic services here in our office, including animal radiography, which is one of the most common diagnostic tests we perform.

Reasons for Radiography Services

Radiography is also commonly referred to as X-rays, and the main purpose of these is to diagnose underlying medical issues that may otherwise not be obvious. Some of the more common problems we diagnose using radiography in pets include:

  • gastrointestinal problems and obstructions
  • foreign bodies
  • airway problems and disease
  • heart enlargement
  • bone breaks and fractures
  • fluid accumulation in the body cavities
  • pregnancy

Typically, radiography will be recommended if we suspect an underlying problem but need a closer look for an official diagnosis. 

Benefits of Using Radiography for Diagnostics

Using radiography to diagnose medical issues in pets comes with a number of benefits, especially when compared to other forms of diagnostic testing. First and foremost, radiography is completely painless for your pet, so pet owners can enjoy peace of mind when having this type of test done. In fact, most pets don’t even realize that anything is happening while they have their X-rays taken. Furthermore, radiography is very accurate and provides us with high-quality images without the wait that often comes along with other forms of diagnostics. For example, blood tests may provide us with results, but they need to be sent to a lab, and it could be days before we are able to have results. Radiography images are available almost instantly, allowing us to make a confident diagnosis when the time is of the essence.

What to Expect From Animal Radiography

If your pet needs X-rays taken, we will explain the reasoning to you in our office and make sure we have your permission before we begin. From there, your pet will be taken into our radiography lab, where we will place a protective “bib” over your pet and take X-rays as needed. Once we have the results, we will share them with you and explain our findings as well as any diagnosis we are able to make. From there, we can determine best options for treatment or management based on your pet’s health, lifestyle, and other important factors. X-rays can be performed on a variety of pets, including not just cats and dogs, but exotic pets as well.

Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment with Our American Fork Veterinarian

If you think your pet needs diagnostic testing, be sure to schedule an appointment with our American Fork Veterinarian as soon as possible. You can reach Utah Veterinary Hospital by giving us a call at 801-692-1563. We look forward to serving your pet with the highest standard of care.