A scheduling fee of $60 is required to make any and all appointments, and will be credited to your account for your visit. Fees for general appointments are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment. Missed appointments or appointments canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the appointment will forfeit their scheduling fee and need to pay a new scheduling fee in order to make another appointment.

A $100 surgery scheduling fee is required to schedule any surgery. Orthopedic surgeries require a $500 scheduling fee. Surgery scheduling fees are credited to your account to be used towards the total cost of the surgery. They are NON REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances. No refunds are offered under any exceptions.

All patients are required to be current on a physical exam performed by Dr. Rivera AND all age appropriate vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian. If your pet is scheduled for a surgery and proof of vaccinations is not provided by the scheduled surgery time that appointment will be forfeited and your fee lost. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is required for any sedation or anesthetic procedure in patients over the age of one year old or with certain medical conditions that may affect anesthesia.

The legal owner and/or guardian, over the age of 18, must be present for the initial office visit for each patient. At this time other adults that may be legally and financially responsible for the pet, over the age of 18, may be listed on the account to bring for future visits.

Payment is due in full at the time of service. We do not offer any in house financing aside from Care Credit. No checks are accepted. We cannot accept payments from a third party. If you are collecting donations to go towards a needed procedure for your pet it is your responsibility to collect those donations and pay your bill in full at the discharge of your pet.

Medications CANNOT be returned under any circumstances once they leave our building. There are no exceptions.

We offer a tailored treatment plan for every pet that outlines planned treatment and costs associated. No refunds are offered after services have been administered. No exceptions.

Appointment times are scheduled in 20 minute increments. Failure to arrive on time to your scheduled appointment will result in extended wait times and additional charges. Your pet may be moved to the back of the line or you may be asked to reschedule. Please be on time! You are responsible for your own pet’s medical history and records. Please bring a copy or contact your previous veterinarian to have them sent over. Records can be sent to utahvethospital@gmail.com. Please have records submitted at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

A minimum of a physical exam is required yearly to maintain a current doctor/client/patient relationship. If your pet is on medications, bloodwork or more frequent exams may be required to continue with refills.

Any new and/or recurrent medical problem will require a physical exam to establish a new baseline for treatment.

Filling medications through any outside pharmacy will require a written prescription and will incur a minimum of a $5 charge PER medication scripted out. We are not responsible for the actions of the pharmacy beyond that point.

All rabies vaccinations require a physical exam by Dr. Rivera at the time administered.

All patients must be properly restrained with a well fitted collar or harness and leash or a carrier.

The client accepts all liability, fault, and responsibility for their property, their pet, and their actions. Further, you enter the hospital at your own risk understanding that there are inherent hazards, dangers, and risks present in a veterinary hospital.

We care about our clients and staff. Any abusive, aggressive, or disrespectful behavior will NOT be tolerated.