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  • Emergency Pet Care Available in American Fork, UT
    Emergency Pet Care from Our American Fork Veterinary TeamNo pet owner ever wants to find themselves in a situation where they need emergency veterinary care, but if that time ever Read more
  • What is Deworming and When Should You have it Done?
    Deworming and More from Our American Fork VetAt Utah Veterinary Hospital, our American Fork vet team offers a wide range of services for your pet's health and wellness needs! If Read more
  • Importance of Vaccinations for Kittens
    Importance of Vaccinations for Kittens From Our American Fork VetAt Utah Veterinary Hospital, our American Fork vet offers the services and care your pet needs to lead a healthier life. Read more
  • Special Care Needs for Exotic Pets
    Your Exotic Pet Has Special Care Needs That Make Utah Veterinary Hospital Visits Essential We always recommend that all types of pets need veterinary care, and your exotic pet is no exception. Read more
  • Preparing Your Pet for Surgery
    Preparing Your Pet for SurgeryAdvancements in veterinary surgery procedures have made modern pet surgeries safe and as minimally invasive as possible. Most pets undergo at least one surgical procedure during their Read more
  • Importance of Dog Vaccinations
    Dog Vaccinations at Utah Veterinary Hospital in American ForkVaccinations are an incredibly important part of protecting your dog from infectious diseases. Some vaccinations are required by law, and others may Read more
  • Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet
    Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet in American Fork, UtahHere at Utah Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s wellness and health is tops on our list which is precisely why we Read more
  • February is Pet Dental Month
    February is Pet Dental Month You can improve your pet's dental health, for life, by adding routine pet dental care to your calendar. February is here and we are reminding pet Read more
  • Pet Exams in American Fork matter for you and your pet
    Pet Wellness Exams Matter For Both Your Pet AND You!If you're looking for quality veterinary services near you, look no further than Utah Veterinary Hospital. Our American Fork veterinarian team wants Read more
  • How to Trim Dog's Toe Nails?
    How To Trim Dog's Toe Nails?Dog nail trims are one of the most common procedures we do at Utah Veterinary Hospital. Just like people, dogs need their nails trimmed periodically Read more
  • Caution! Shock Collars
    This blog post is a short one.  We simply want to make our readers aware of the possible dangers of using SHOCK COLLARS!  It is not my intention to discuss Read more
    There is a common superstition that bad things, including death, comes in sets of threes.  The reason I'm writing this blog today, which is long overdue, is my recent experience from a Read more
  • What is Involved in a Cat Spay?!
    At Utah Veterinary Hospital, in American Fork, we get many inquiries regarding the cost of veterinary goods and veterinary services.  One of those veterinary services that people inquire about is the cost Read more
  • What in the World is GIARDIA?!
    In the past week we saw two unrelated puppies, back-to-back, with similar presentation and history: they had both been bought from "reputable" breeders in Idaho, they both developed a little Read more
  • When Should Your Cat Be Neutered?
    There is a common question of when a cat should be neutered.  There are many answers to this question, but the prevailing answer is: a male cat should be neutered Read more
  • Microchips May Make a Difference
    We've all had a dog, cat, bird, or any other animal escape from our care in one way or another.  Regardless of how much care we take, there are environmental Read more

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