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Orthopedics FAQs

Pet Surgery and Orthopedic Services with Our Veterinarian in American Fork

At Utah Veterinary Hospital in American Fork, we are ready to provide your pet with orthopedic screening and services to keep your pets healthy. There are a number of reasons your pet may need to see an orthopedic veterinarian and we provide treatment from monitoring to pet surgery for all of your pet's orthopedic needs.

What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery can be minimally invasive arthroscopy to complete joint replacement, depending on what your pet needs. Just like with humans, your pet can receive surgical treatment for joint damage, congenital abnormalities, or injuries.

What Does A Veterinarian Screen For?

When you bring your pet in for an orthopedic screening, your pet will be checked for proper joint mobility, arthritic conditions that cause immobility or pain, injuries to the area, or any defects that have been present since birth.

How Do I Know If My Pet Is In Pain?

If your pet is walking and favoring one leg or appears to be in pain, it's time to have your pet assessed by a veterinarian.

What Are Common Problems Seen At A Pet Orthopedist?

Many people bring their pet in for care after noticing problems with movement. Whether your pet has injured an ankle and needs surgery, or the knee joint is deteriorated from arthritis, an orthopedic veterinarian can help.

How Can My Vet Provide Post Surgical Assistance?

Once your pet has surgery, your pet may need follow up visits to make sure they are healing properly. In addition, medications may be needed to control pain until your pet has recovered. Your pet may also need to see a veterinarian post surgery because of an unexpected complication that needs to be addressed.

Contact Our Orthopedic Pet Specialist Today

If you need orthopedic services for your pet, it's time to call Utah Veterinary Hospital in American Fork at 801-692-1563 to learn more about how we can help your pet get the help they need to live a healthier life.

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