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The Importance of Cat Vaccinations

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Cat Vaccinations At Our Utah Veterinary Hospital in American Fork, UT

You only want the best for your pet, and that means knowing what cat vaccinations are necessary to keep your kitty healthy. Read on to learn more about why vaccinations matter, when to vaccinate, and important questions to ask our veterinarian.

Why are Vaccines Important?

Vaccines keep your pet safe from viruses, bacteria, and parasites that could otherwise cause them great harm (or even death). Vaccines get a bad rap sometimes in the media, but according to the most current research, vaccination is a healthy, safe way to keep your pet healthy.

Most Important Vaccines For Your Pets

We recommend a few different vaccinations for cats. For kittens, vaccines are received every two to four weeks until they are 16-18 weeks old. After that, everyone to three years, we recommend vaccines for feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. We also recommend the feline rabies vaccine every one to three years for all cats and kittens over four months old. The feline leukemia virus vaccination is recommended every year, especially for cats who spend time outside.

Vaccinating At Different Life Stages

It's important to repeat vaccinations as listed above, as vaccines will lose effectiveness over time. When a vaccination becomes less effective as your pet ages, it's more likely that they will become infected with the disease they were once protected from by vaccination. Our veterinarian will work with you to create a cat vaccination plan that makes sense for your pet, dependent on their age and lifestyle (especially whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat).

Talking To Your Veterinarian

When your cat gets vaccinated, it's important to ask your vet some questions, including:

Do I need to be on the lookout for any side effects?

Is my cat likely to experience injection site stiffness or pain?

How many years until my pet needs to be re-vaccinated?

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