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Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

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Pet Dental Treatment with our American Fork Veterinarian

Pet dental health is important for the same reasons as its human counterpart. It prevents oral pain, infections, extreme tooth decay, and other problems with the mouth. It also improves the breath. Studies also show that overall body health is improved by good oral care. Pets that have regular cleanings and checkups live between one and five years longer than those that do not.

What Can a Veterinarian Find During a Pet Dental Checkup?

Veterinarians look for several things during dental checkups. Decayed, broken, and cracked teeth are just the start. The vet will also check gum health, look for tumors and other growths, check for injuries caused by chewing improper items, and more. One surprising thing they look for is broken jaws. Some pets can break their jaws without showing obvious signs of it, so it's important to specifically check for this condition.

Problems with the teeth are quite common, though which issues likely depend on the animal. Dogs are more likely to have cracked or broken teeth thanks to their tendency to chew things that shouldn't be chewed. Cats, on the other hand, are more likely to get tooth decay and gum disease. Despite these rules of thumb, your pet's entire mouth should be checked for the entire array of possible problems because there are always exceptions.

How a Veterinarian Helps With Oral Health

Spotting problems, of course, is just the first step. Most problems that are found can be addressed during the same session. This can include filling cavities, pulling broken or cracked teeth, and removing tumors. Cleaning the teeth is always part of a dental health checkup whether or not other problems are present.

After the cleaning and checkup are complete, the vet will tell you how to keep your dog or cat's teeth in good shape at home. Typically, this involves brushing the teeth with pet-specific toothpaste. If your pet won't tolerate tooth brushing, other alternatives will be suggested.

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