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Improving Medication Management at Home

Giving you pet medications can be difficult. We understand this. Here are a few things you can do at home to improve. Remember that your pet’s health depends on your ability to give and make sure they are getting their medications. When your pet is put on treatments for something, it could be for a long period of time (7-14 days on average). Your Veterinarian will do their best to assist you in coming up with the best regimen to suit you and your pet.They will also do periodic recheck to be sure that the regimen and doses are appropriate. 

Staying organized is vitally important as well. Creating a chart, journal, or check off list can be beneficial. This gives you a visual representation of what needs to be given and when. This is also a good place to put notes or comments about your pets progress or concerns that arise. When your pet is staying with someone while you are away this can also help to keep your pet on track in a manageable way. The use of pill organizers can also be used to remind you and help you to not miss a dose. 

Finally, it is very important to understand your pet’s medications, there are a handful of medications that need to remain refrigerated after being sent home with you. It is easy to forget to put them away after giving them, if they are left out for too long it can cause them to not work appropriately. Keeping all of the medications together can help prevent forgetting to give or put away those medications. 

Be sure that you have all the information when starting your pet on medications. Listen to your Veterinarian when they go over the medications with you, ask questions if you have them and stay organized. All of these things will help lead you to a happy health pet. 

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