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Reducing Stress for Cats

In this month's blog, we want to talk to you about the ways that you can reduce the stress level for your cat when they need to visit a Veterinarian. Although vet visits, on average, only last about 20-30 minutes the process begins at home and it is a very important aspect.

Cats need to know that when they are getting into their carrier that is it not a bad or scary event. This can be started while they are kittens. Doing this while they are young will make it easier to take them to routine vet visits throughout their life.

Leave the carrier in a room your cat spends time in and allowing them to have access to their crate on “normal” days will help to desensitize them to it. Placing treats, catnip or toys in the crate for them to venture in and find can give them a sense of reward for going into the carrier. Be sure the carrier is comfortable for them, soft blankets and familiar smells can help to relax them.

Once they have made it to our clinic we will then do everything we can to keep them calm. This may include wrapping them in a blanket (kitty burrito), minimal restraint is the first approach taken. However there may come a point when a cat bag or facemask may be needed, both of these options protect the veterinary staff and give the cat a hiding place.

We understand that it can be stressful to bring your cat to the vet, this is why we recommend getting them acclimated to the carrier. Cats take patience to work with and own. Let’s work together to do what's best for your cat!

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