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Emergency Pet Care

Emergency Pet Care from Our American Fork Veterinary Team

At Utah Veterinary Hospital, our American Fork veterinarians are proud to offer a full range of veterinary services, including emergency pet care when it matters most. If your pet ever experiences a medical emergency during our office hours, we encourage you to give us a call on your way in so we can do our best to have help waiting upon your arrival. Our veterinary team has extensive experience in handling any number of medical emergencies, and we have an emergency veterinarian and staff available six days a week to assist with urgent cases and even life-or-death emergencies in our office.

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Understanding Common Pet Emergencies

Unfortunately, there are a number of pet emergencies that our veterinary team sees and handles on a regular basis. The most common emergency situation we see is that of a pet having been struck by a vehicle. This type of incident often results in serious trauma and injury that must be treated promptly, including broken and fractured bones, internal bleeding, and even brain damage. 

Ingestion of known toxins or foreign objects is yet another relatively common pet emergency we handle in our office. This occurs when a pet eats or drinks something that can be toxic or cause a blockage in the body, such as antifreeze or even an inanimate object (such as a sock). These instances must also be handled promptly to increase a pet's chance of survival.

What to Do if Your Pet Needs Emergency Vet Care

If your pet shows signs of a medical emergency (such as excessive vomiting, obvious injury, seizure, or loss of consciousness), time is of the essence. Bring them to Utah Veterinary Hospital as soon as you suspect something is wrong. After regular office hours, we encourage you to contact a nearby 24-hour emergency vet so your pet can receive the care he or she needs promptly.

Contact our Veterinarian in American Fork

If the situation occurs during our regular office hours, we ask that you give our office a call as soon as possible at (801) 692-1563 to let us know you're bringing your pet in. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your pet's emergency situation, we'll be happy to guide you through the proper response steps.

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