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Parasite Prevention in Dogs

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Parasite Prevention in Dogs

            As we move into the warmer months, you will be taking your dog out on walks more often. When you are out for your walks your pup will want to sniff, smell, and see all the new things. There are many parasitic infections that your dog can get, like giardia (see the previous blog ) and roundworms. When an infected dog goes for a walk or to the nearby dog park and they defecate, they have now contaminated that area. Roundworm eggs can live in the soil long after the feces has broken down. Roundworms are a very hardy parasite, and children tend to be at a higher risk of getting this as well because they are closer to the soil. Adults who contract it may never even know they have roundworms, however, it can become much worse in children.

            Prevention is going to be very important. You cannot stop other people with infected dogs from walking or playing at the park. You can choose to keep your dog on a monthly deworming medication such as Iverhart Plus. This is a heartworm prevention medication, but it also deworms your pets for common intestinal worms. If your pet is not on a monthly dewormer, then ask your Vet about this.

            Furthermore, to prevent the worms from spreading to your other pets or family after a walk, you can spray down your pet's feet and clean them off. This will help to remove any roundworm eggs that may have gotten stuck to their feet. Have fun this Summer and do it with fewer worries and concerns about what your dog may be getting his nose into.

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