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Traveling With Your Pets

We all want to take our furry friends with us when we travel. Traveling with your pets is a fun adventure, but there are a few things that we recommend you make yourself aware of. There are many requirements that you will need to follow and it will vary depending on where you are traveling. Getting the appropriate documentation and required tasks done could take weeks to months depending on where you are traveling. When you determine that your pet will be traveling with you, start the process as soon as possible.

 Most destinations will require a health certificate.  A health certificate is a document that you can get from your local veterinarian. When you go in to get your health certificate the Veterinarian will perform an examination to assess your pet’s health. At that time, you can inform your Veterinarian of your intention to travel and they can assist you in getting the proper papers that you need. Also, it is very important to check with the company you are traveling with, such as an airline, and see if they require anything specific. Your Veterinarian will ask you for the destination address, this is required for the health certificate. Know the date in which you are planning to leave, and the day you and your pet will be arriving at your destination.

 Some destinations will require you to have your pet microchipped prior to leaving, as well as getting vaccinated or receive certain treatments within a set amount of time before leaving. You will need to have the vaccination records with you when you travel. Time is the biggest factor when preparing to travel with your pet.

 These are just a few of the tips and information that will help you travel safely and happily with your pet. Remember that the most important part is to get all the information and start early. Don’t wait till the last minute to get these together.  For further information and questions go to www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel. You will find destination specific requirements there.

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