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Parasite Prevention in Cats

Do you have an indoor cat? Outdoor? Both? Parasite prevention is critical to their health even if they don’t go outside. The idea that an indoor only cat is not exposed to parasites is false. When you leave the house and come back there is a chance that you can bring parasites home with you. Maybe you own a dog too, they can bring home things as well.

 It is recommended that year-round prevention is used for your cats. Cats are groomers, they can remove traces and signs of parasites before you see them. Not seeing parasites on your pet does not mean they don’t have them. The warm indoor temperatures can create an environment that allows parasites to survive all year long.

 Prevention is a simple thing to do. It is recommended to use monthly parasite treatments that will kill parasites before they mature into a major problem. If your cat is not on monthly parasite prevention, call your Vet and set up an appointment.

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