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Pain Management without Pain Medications

Pain Management without Pain Medications

Those that have pets that suffer from pain on a daily basis know how difficult it can be to treat pain with medications alone. Pets can suffer from many forms of discomfort and it can become life long. By doing a few simple things we can help eliminate the risk of injury and reduce the amount of pain your pet is in. By addressing the environment your pet is in, the activities your pet performs, and the alternative therapies that are available.

  First, small environmental changes can have a huge impact on your pet’s life. Simply putting in ramps to assist your pet using the stairs or steps to allow them to safely get onto their favorite sleeping spot. Adding rugs and runners to rooms with hardwood will allow your pet to walk more confidently on the slippery surfaces. Should your pet need time to rest and heal, confinement may be necessary.

Second, as we watch our pets deal with pain it is hard for us to want to push them to get their exercise. However, getting them up and active can be exactly what they need. Be certain to consult your veterinarian on how much, how often and how long you pet should be doing activity. Rehabilitation is a set of personalized exercises meant to help your pet regain strength, and function while helping to reduce the pain. Before your pet begins any kind of activity it is a good idea to help warm up their muscles with massage therapy.

Finally, the use of alternative therapies such as, cryotherapy, heat therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy. These are just a few of the many options available. Cryotherapy, the use of ice packs, and heat therapy will typically be used together to help reduce the swelling and inflammation in an area. Acupuncture is another alternative to pain medications, utilizing pressure points to alleviate pain. Laser therapy is a form of light treatment that helps to reduce inflammation and promote healthy cell regeneration at the site. Alternative treatments should always be discussed with your Veterinarian.

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