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Do You Brush Your Pet's Teeth?

Brush Your Pet's Teeth

Have you heard your Vet tell you that your dog has dental tartar build up or periodontal disease? These are common terms you may hear at your pet’s visit. Although these things may sound scary, I assure you, they are not. Awareness of your pet’s teeth is very important. In this blog we will look at when to have a dental cleaning and how to prevent tartar build up at home.

As part of the annual exam your Veterinarian will look at you pet’s teeth. Once your Vet has looked at the teeth they can let you know what your pet needs based on how much tartar has built up on the teeth. Most pets need to have a dental cleaning under anesthesia by their second birthday. A dental cleaning consists of your pet going under anesthesia and having the tartar scaled off, polished to seal the teeth and fluoride to protect the teeth. Having the teeth cleaned can help prevent infections and the need for extractions.

To help extend the time between dental cleanings, you can start with brushing your pet’s teeth. It is recommended that you brush your pet’s teeth daily. This will help to prevent the build up of tartar on the teeth. The first thing to do is buy a good dog/cat toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothpaste comes in many flavors, find the one that your pet likes the best. Create a time that your pet will learn is brushing time. Getting them into a routine may help with their willingness to allow it to happen. Starting this routine with your puppy/kitten will start a habit at a young age. Brushing daily will help to clean/scrape off some of that tartar build up.

As there are many options for oral health from treats, dental chews, gels, sprays, wipes and water additives that it can become difficult to know which ones will actually help. It is always recommended to consult with your Vet before choosing one of these. COME SEE US! Utah Veterinary Hospital 801-692-1563


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