Pet Wellness Packages in American Fork, UT

ALERT: We have discontinued our "Wellness Packages" (effective January 1st, 2017). Those who have previously signed-up for Wellness Packages for their pets, will receive all the awesome benefits until they expire.

NEW Savings Options for our Clients:

INTRODUCING: Wellness & Loyalty Discounts to all our new and existing clients (click here for pdf):

Our prices are the lowest in the area.  We conduct market research to find the best deals for our merchandise, medications and supplies, then we turn around and pass those savings to our clients.  Further, we have compared our prices (so you don't have to) with our competitors in the area, and can assure our clients we offer the best prices for high quality care in veterinary medicine.


Enjoy the following discounts (which you must request):

  • Active military, firefighter, and law-enforcement discount ($5 off)
  • Senior discount for citizens over 62 years of age ($5 off)
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  • $10 off when you book your appointment through our website (desktop or mobile), but you must request the discount!
  • Discounted Spay and Neuter Packages that include all your pet needs for such surgical procedure (pre-anesthetic examination, surgery, pre-anesthetic medications, tailored anesthesia, post-surgical pain medications, pain medications to go home, nurse monitoring, EKG, mechanical monitoring, fitted E-collar, Microchip with lifetime registration included, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, post-surgical monitoring and recovery) - Average savings of $60 to $80
  • Discounted Dental Prophylaxis Packages that include the anesthesia, professional dental cleaning, nurse monitoring, EKG, mechanical monitoring, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, post-anesthetic monitoring - Average savings of $50-100
  • Discounted Inclusive Fracture Repair Package that includes everything needed to fix your pet's broken limbs. Additional charges apply for post-operative care: medications, recovery, excess surgical supplies, and healing therapy treatments.
  • Laser (Photobiomodulation) Therapy Discounted Packages (Include complimentary Technician Service):
    • 3 Laser Doses - Save 5%
    • 6 Laser Doses - Save 10%
    • 9 Laser Doses - Save 15%
    • JANUARY: $5 OFF all new puppy exams, when vaccines are given
    • FEBRUARY: 10% Discount off all dental package prices
    • MARCH: 5% Discount off all spay & neuter package prices
    • APRIL: $5 OFF Heartworm Test, with purchase of 12 months preventative pills
    • MAY: $5 OFF each X-ray, when 2 or more X-rays are performed
    • JUNE: $5 OFF each Blood Test, when 2 or more blood tests are performed
    • JULY: 5% Discount off all dental package prices
    • AUGUST: 5% Discount off appointments for exams with vaccines
    • SEPTEMBER: $2 OFF each Rabies vaccine (requires veterinarian examination)
    • OCTOBER: $5 OFF all feline (cat and kitten) exams
    • NOVEMBER: 5% Discount off all geriatric (>10 yrs) dental packages, when blood tests are performed
    • DECEMBER: $5 OFF all new kitten and puppy exams, when vaccines are given

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