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Spaying and Neutering in Utah

Spaying and neutering is an important part of the preventative care administered to many pets. As a pet owner, you must decide for yourself whether or not spaying or neutering is right for your pet. Knowing the advantages and benefits of spaying and neutering will help you make the decision.

What Is Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering is the process of sterilizing your pet so that he or she can't reproduce. Spaying involves removal of the ovaries and uterus, while neutering involves the removal of the testicles. Both procedures are permanent.

At Utah Veterinary Hospital, we offer spaying and neutering services to help keep our pet patients healthy. Our state of the art equipment can help ensure that your pet is safe during the procedure.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

There are many benefits of spaying or neutering your pet! Spaying and neutering helps prevent unwanted pet pregnancies, which can in turn prevent animals from filling local shelters. Spaying and neutering helps the community as a whole by controlling the pet population of our area. In addition, there are many other ways in which spaying and neutering is good for your pet.

  • Reduced risk of certain diseases. Pets who are spayed or neutered before they hit puberty enjoy a reduced risk of certain diseases of the reproductive system.
  • Better behavior. Pets who are not spayed or neutered may have the urge to spray urine, yowl and engage in other disruptive behaviors. Spaying and neutering can curb these urges.
  • Reduced impulse to wander. Pets who are not spayed or neutered may have the impulse to wander from home in search of a mate. Pets who are spayed or neutered will not experience this problem.

When to Spay and Neuter Your Pet

The best time to spay or neuter your pet is when he or she is approximately 3 to 6 months old. Spaying or neutering your pet before he or she reaches puberty will ensure that your pet
enjoys the full benefits of the procedure. In addition, pets who are spayed or neutered at a younger age can recover more quickly.

If your pet is older than 6 months old, he or she can still benefit from the procedure. However, pets who are spayed or neutered at an older age do not have reduced risk of diseases. If you are interested in spaying or neutering your adult pet, contact your pet's veterinarian to find out more about the procedure.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in American Fork UT

As your pet's veterinarian in American Fork, we offer safe spaying and neutering services for pets of our community. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment for your pet, call us at 801-692-1563. We'll ensure that your pet's spaying or neutering procedure is quick and accurate.

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